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Here is a listing of our current membership.

Hi all from the 9 se621 here is a list of our membership as from the
14th Feb 2007.

1SE010 Daniel Italy 2/11/07

2se024  danny  centerville tennesee
2SE025 Joseph MS USA 1/18/07
2SE137 RC AZ U.S.A. 1/14/07
2SE2840 Harriet Philidelphia PA U.S.A. 1/12/07
2SE313 Bill Salt Lake City UT U.S.A. 1/14/07
2SE363 Mickey CA U.S.A. 1/15/07
2SE45 Jeff Marble Hills MO U.S.A. 1/15/07
2SE55 Ron Brewster OH U.S.A. 1/12/07
2SE64 Billy TX U.S.A. 1/13/07
2SE65 Mike Garber MI U.S.A. 1/13/07
2SE68 Ken Perryville MO U.S.A. 1/11/07
2SE69 Cindy Perryville MO U.S.A. 1/11/07
2SE70 Lisa Perryville MO U.S.A. 1/11/07
2SE71 Cristy Perryville MO U.S.A. 1/11/

2se515 john   new york
2SE777 Bill Perryville MO U.S.A. 1/11/

  1. 2se 820  jeanette   new york


2SE902 Sandy Mac Fife Lake MI U.S.A. 1/24/07
2SE956 Dana MS U.S.A. 1/11/07
9SE177 Sean Whitby Ontario Canada 1/13/07
9SE1856 Robert Manitoba Canada 1/19/07
9SE2042 Anne Nova Scotia Canada 1/17/07
9SE21 Viki Levack Ontario Canada 1/11/07
9SE28 Jaymes Levack Ontario Canada 1/11/07
9SE28 Jessica Levack Ontario Canada 1/14/07
9SE29 Austin Levack Ontario Canada 1/14/07
9SE30 Justin Levack Ontario Canada 1/14/07
9SE308 John-Henry Ontario Canada 1/13/07
9SE415 Andy Hammer Ontario Canada 1/14/07
9SE416 Brad Douwling Ontario Canada 1/14/07
9SE434 Jennifer Levack Ontario Canada 1/14/07
9SE436 Jason Sudbury Ontario Canada 1/14/07
9SE455 Mike Azilda Ontario Canada 1/13/07
9SE621 Bob Levack Ontario Canada 1/11/07
9SE803 Steve Ottawa Canada 1/16/07
14SE102 Pascal Fontainebleau France 2/12/07
18SE02 Panos Halkida Greece 1/24/07
19SE020 Bert Netherlands
1/14/07  19 se15  cor   netherlands
26SE167 Richard UK
43SE02 Ken Maitland N.S.W. Australia 1/11/07
43SE122 Kerry Taree N.S.W. Australia 1/11/07
43SE133 Nat Sydney N.S.W. Australia 1/11/07
43SE144 Pete Gloucester N.S.W. Australia 1/11/07
43SE161 Jaye Lake Tuggarah NSW Australia 1/27/07
43SE196 Fernando Judbury TAS Australia 1/13/07
43SE444 Sharron Kurri Kurri N.S.W. Australia 1/11/07
43SE687 Raymond Adelaide SA Australia 1/31/07
47SE155 Palle Frederikshavn Denmark 1/21/07
91SE999 David Riau Sumartera Indonesia 1/25/07
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